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5 Place de la Grande Boucherie

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Date de construction 1565
Structure Immeuble
Courant architectural alsacien (colombage)

Date de ravalement environ 9/2011
Il n'y a pas encore d'actualités sur cette adresse

Zum Strissel restaurant

Zum Strissel — literally meaning “at the sign of the ostrich” — is the oldest restaurant in Strasbourg, operating uninterrupted as an eating establishment since 1320 or earlier. The original medieval building was destroyed on the night of 14 October 1564, but reconstructed a year later. The venue was also known as the “publicans’ guild” as borne out by the stunning decorative Renaissance guild chest in the first floor dining room. At the entrance, the capital with ram’s head carvings is a nod to the restaurant’s original name Zum Widderer—at the sign of the ram. The restaurant has been named after the ostrich displayed on its sign since the 17th century1.  


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