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1a rue René Hirschler, 16bis avenue de la Paix

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Date de construction 1954 à 1958
Architecte Claude Meyer-Lévy
René Heller
Jean-Paul Berst
Structure Lieu de culte (église, temple, synagogue, mosquée)
Courant architectural contemporain
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The Synagogue of peace

Following the end of the Second World war, the Jewish community came together to raise the finance for a new synagogue, replacing the neo-Romanesque one destroyed by the Nazis in 1940. The Synagogue of peace (Synagogue de la Paix) stands by the Contades park and was inaugurated in 1958. Built of concrete, its contemporary design incorporates traditional Jewish symbols, such as the menorah (the 7-lamp candelabrum) and the Star of David. The Rambam Synagogue, a venue for Sephardic worship, opened in 2000, and features remarkable biblical stained-glass windows made by Strasbourg-based master glassmaker, Bernard Riff1.


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