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Place Kléber

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Structure place

Date de construction 1764
Architecte Jacques-François Blondel
Structure Fontaine/puits

Date de transformation 1994
Architecte Guy Clapot
Courant architectural contemporain

Date de construction 3/7/2007

Date de construction 14/10/2007
Structure autre
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Place Kléber

In the Middle Ages, the area now occupied by place Kléber was the site of a Franciscan monastery. At the end of the 17th century, the square became place d’Armes. An urban embellishment plan, drawn up by Jacques-François Blondel in 1768, saw the construction of the Aubette, a monumental building designed for military use. The square underwent many changes of name before it was given its present one to celebrate the inauguration of the statue of General Jean-Baptiste Kléber in 1840. The square has been redesigned several times over the centuries and is now a pedestrian-only area, home to a number of cultural and sports-related events and celebrations1.  


  1. Totem patrimoniaux (Strasbourg), 2020, traduction Ville de Strasbourg

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