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2 Rue du Vieux Marché Aux Poissons

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Date de construction 1587 à 1588
Architecte Hans Schoch
Structure Bâtiments publics
Courant architectural Renaissance

Date de rénovation 1987 à 2007
Architecte Daniel Gaymard
Structure Musée

Classement Monument Historique 6/7/1928
Il n'y a pas encore d'actualités sur cette adresse

Great Abattoir

The Grande Boucherie, or Great Abattoir, was built in 1587 by the city to replace the old slaughterhouse which had been in use since the 13th century and was no longer fit for its purpose. The U-shaped building overlooking the river Ill was designed by architect Hans Schoch, who was also responsible for the Neubau, now the Chamber of Commerce in place Gutenberg. The butchers’ stalls were to be found in the northern wing, and the cold stores in the vaulted side wings. The floor above the stores was occupied by offices and living quarters. The building is an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture and has been home to the city’s Historical Museum since 19191.  


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