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Date de construction 1538
Structure Bâtiments publics
Courant architectural renaissance

Date de démolition 1860

Date de construction 1863
Architecte Emile Salomon

Date de démolition 8/1870 au 9/1870

Date de construction 1872

Date de rénovation 2007
Structure Ecole

Date de extension 2013 à 2016
Architecte Claude Bucher
Il n'y a pas encore d'actualités sur cette adresse

The Jean-Sturm Gymnasium

The gymnasium (school) was founded in 1538 by Jacques Sturm, a major figure on Strasbourg’s political landscape. Jean Calvin taught biblical exegesis here from 1538 to 1541. A high school directed by humanist Jean Sturm known for his modern approach to pedagogy, it was made an Academy in 1566 and University in 1621. The vast neo-18th century style building was erected by architect Emile Salomon (1833-1913) in 1865 after a terrible fire on 29 June 1860 destroyed the former Dominican monastery, previously a mecca for the Friends of God mystical group where Master Eckart shared his knowledge1.  


  1. Totem patrimoniaux (Strasbourg), 2020, traduction fournie par la Ville de Strasbourg

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