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1 quai Lezay Marnesia

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Date de construction 1746 à 1749
Architecte Gaspard Théodore Rabaliatti
Charles Hiski
Structure Couvent / Monastère / Abbaye

Date de transformation 1974
Structure Bureaux
Il n'y a pas encore d'actualités sur cette adresse

The Recollects' monastery

The Recollects (Franciscans) first came to the city in 1685. The monastery was built between 1746 and 1749 by architects Gaspard-Théodore Rabaliatti (1709-1766) and Charles Hiski. The church took up most of rue des Récollets. The frontage faced rue du Parchemin. The cloister ran directly from it. Abandoned during the French Revolution, it was later used to house the military uniform stores. It was demolished in 1904. The monastic buildings are arranged around a small cloister bordered by Romanesque arcades1.  


  1. Totem patrimoniaux (Strasbourg), 2020, traduction fournie par la Ville de Strasbourg

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