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4 rue du Bouclier

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Date de construction 1787 à 1790
Architecte Jean Regnard Pfauth
Structure Lieu de culte (église, temple, synagogue, mosquée)
Courant architectural néoclassique

Date de extension 1905
Architecte Marcel Eissen

Classement Monument Historique environ 2010
Il n'y a pas encore d'actualités sur cette adresse

The "Bouclier" (Shield) Church

In 1788, the reformed Consistory acquired a plot of land on rue du Bouclier to build the church you see today. At a time when Alsace was part of the Catholic kingdom of France, the magistrate granted permission provided it was discreet: the church had to be set at the back of a courtyard and resemble a house from the outside, with no bell tower. The project was funded by collections made in the parishes of the reformed Swiss cantons. The church was inaugurated on 21 March 1790 in the presence of Philippe Frédéric de Dietrich and representatives of the Lutheran and Catholic faiths. The bell tower was added to the side in 19051.  


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