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3, 9, 11 rue de Flandre
16 rue Edel

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Date de construction 1898 à 1900
Architecte Johann-Karl Ott
Structure quartier
Courant architectural alsacien (colombage)

Date de construction 1903 à 1905
Architecte Albert Nadler
Structure quartier
Courant architectural alsacien (colombage)

Date de extension 1909 à 1910
Architecte Fritz Beblo
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The Cité Spach

This development was initiated by the former secretary general of the municipal administration, Gustave-Louis Spach (1809-1895), when he bequeathed his fortune on the condition that the money be used to set up a foundation to help municipal employees in need. Built by this foundation in 1900, Cité Spach was one of Strasbourg’s first social housing projects. The architect Johann-Karl Ott designed a row of 11, three-storey buildings comprising 96 apartments. Features like corner oriel windows and timber framing reflect both the particular care given to the project. In 1903, the Cooperative Society for Social Housing built an extension to Cité Spach, an exact replica of the original development, on the other side of the road1.  


  1. Totem patrimoniaux (Strasbourg), 2020, traduction fournie par la Ville de Strasbourg

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