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canal des Faux Remparts

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The Faux-Rempart

The Faux-Rempart is a canal which flows north of the Grande-Île. While its origins have never been fully explained, sources suggest the canal was dug for defensive purposes. It is named after a faussebraye (false rampart) built in the 13th-century, a fortified wall that encircled the medieval rampart with towers and a crenellated wall. It was removed during the 19th century when the two canals were merged to form a single navigable channel bordered by quays, developed into a promenade in 1838. Once the Canal de Jonction was opened in the south of Strasbourg in 1882, it was abandoned and closed to traffic in 1900. It was reopened in 1983 for excursion boats to travel around the Grande-Île1.  


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