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Date de construction 1686
Architecte Sébastien Le Prestre Vauban (marquis de)
Jacques Tarade
Structure Bâtiment militaire

Date de extension 1865

Date de construction 1965
Architecte Robert Will

Date de rénovation 11/2010

Inscription à l'Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques 18/5/1971
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The Vauban dam

The city’s Ponts Couverts (covered bridges) defence system having outlived its usefulness, military engineer Jacques Tarade directed the building of a dam, based on a design drawn up by Vauban. Started in 1685 and completed in 1700, the dam could be opened to flood the southern front to make it inaccessible to any attackers. Three of the 13 arches of the dam were raised in 1784 to allow seasonal floodwaters to flow out and boats to sail through. The dam has had many changes made to it over the years and is today used by pedestrians for crossing the river. The top of the dam is now a panoramic terrace offering an outstanding view of the Petite France1


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